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Blue Ocean Entertainment AG
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Blue Ocean Entertainment AG is the market leader for children’s magazines in German speaking countries. Founded in 2005, the company published their first magazine in July 2006: “Prinzessin Lillifee” (Princess Lillifee). Blue Ocean – the majority of which is owned by the Burda group since 2014 – now has a total of 60 magazines that are published on a regular basis. Blue Ocean also brings to life strong licensed brands in apps and e-books. 

Our aim is to design high-quality apps that will excite children and stand out to parents as top quality products. Our apps support, inspire and promote children’s development in a playful way. When developing our digital products we pay particular attention to quality, a sustainable fun factor and product security. The game concepts in our apps have been developed and tested together with children to ensure that they are well suited to their needs and what they enjoy. 


  • 2024 / Lissy PONY Magical Adventures
    Magical sandbox game about Tamani and her magical friends for Blue Ocean Entertainment AG's successful own brand Lissy PONY.
  • 2023 / Mia and me® The original game
    Runner game with magical adventures and lots of unicorns to the magical brand of Mia and me®.
  • 2021 / BABY born® Dolls & Play Fun
    Cute simulator game for doll parents with great play worlds for interactive discovery.
  • 2020 / BAYALA® Unicorn Adventure
    Runner game with exciting adventures and lots of magical creatures to the magical brand BAYALA® by Schleich.
  • 2019 / HORSE CLUB Horse Adventures
    Runner game with exciting adventures and missions themed around the HORSE CLUB from Schleich. 
  • 2019 / Bibi & Tina: Riding holidays
    Runner game with exciting adventures and missions themed around the well-known Bibi & Tina brand from Kiddinx. 
  • 2018 / Princess Lillifee Unicorn magic
    Cute game app with plenty of glitter and magic with the enchanting Princess Lillifee brand from Coppenrath.
  • 2017 / Eastwind
    Puzzle game with over 70 puzzle motifs based on the well-known Ostwind movies, exciting audio samples & a cool selfie tool.
  • 2016 / Mako - Simply Mermaid
    Cute puzzle game with over 60 puzzle motifs and exciting video clips of the well-known series Mako - Simply Mermaid.
  • 2016 / Bibi & Tina: Horse Tournament
    Adventure game with different disciplines, funny adventures and Bibi & Tina audio book to the well-known brand Bibi & Tina by Kiddinx.
  • 2015/ Bibi & Tina: Horse Adventure
    Exciting simulator game with exciting horse adventures and Bibi & Tina audio book to the well-known brand of Kiddinx.
  • 2014 / The Smurfs - Arithmetic
    Math learning app for kids from preschool to first grade with the popular Smurfs.